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Nuke Nutrition Atom Bomb Protein Shaker Gym Bottle 500ml - Easy Clean & Dishwasher Safe

Nuke Nutrition Atom Bomb Protein Shaker Gym Bottle 500ml - Easy Clean & Dishwasher Safe

Dishwasher Friendly - Durable - Mixes with Ease

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The Nuke Nutrition 500ml Protein Shaker, is your ideal companion for blending your favorite supplements and protein shakes with ease. This sleek and durable shaker bottle is designed to streamline your fitness routine, featuring a 700ml capacity with clear measurement markings for accurate mixing.

Crafted with high-quality, BPA-free materials, our shaker ensures a leak-proof seal and easy cleanup. The secure screw-on lid and flip cap make it convenient for on-the-go use, whether at the gym, office, or while traveling.

Elevate your fitness journey with the Nuke Nutrition Protein Shaker, designed for convenience and durability to support your active lifestyle.

Key Features:

- 500ml Capacity: Ample space for mixing protein shakes or supplements, providing convenience and flexibility in preparation.

- Clear Measurement Markings: Accurate measurements displayed on the bottle for precise mixing of ingredients, ensuring consistency in each blend.

- Durable and BPA-Free: Constructed with high-quality, BPA-free materials for durability, safety, and peace of mind.

- Leak-Proof Design: Secure screw-on lid and flip cap design to prevent leaks and spills, perfect for use during workouts or on-the-go.

- Portable and Convenient: Compact size and easy-to-carry design make it ideal for use at the gym, work, or while traveling, providing convenience wherever you go.

- Easy Cleaning: With a rounded internal base you can clean the shaker with ease without experiencing build up of powder or residue.

Supplement facts

500ml Capacity


BPA Free

Recommended Use

Use to consume your favourite protein shakes or drinks.

Store out of the reach of children.

Suitable For

This product is suitable for all ages.

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